Dear customer!
Our company deals with cargo shipping from Europe to  worldwide. The cargo flow comprises mainly antiques, electronics and industrial parts.
We can ship any collectors item wordwide,  professionally packed and with all papers for your duty office. 
We can not only deliver your purchase to “to door” , but organize the whole ordering process from contacting a seller/ discussing  your  item with a seller and exporting the purchase, to customer clearance in EU or worldwide. 
We specialize in fragile, off-gauge and non-standard freights such as antique furniture and accessories, vintage equipment, railway modeling and collectibles.
The main sources of our customers’ purchases are shopping auctions ebay and amazon, online bulletin boards and specialized suppliers.
For the convenience of our customers, we offer express shipping, cargo insurance, the assistance with customs clearance worldwide, the search of goods on order and more.
Working  with our partners, we can arrange a purchase in any country in Europe and ship it by our vehicles to partner warehouses in Germany, Holland, Finland or Russia (Moscow). 
Our store offers a wide selection of accessories and equipment that can become a part of your collection and decorate your home. 
We speak Russian, English, German and French